Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion v1.290 Free Download PC Game for Mac

Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion v1.290 Free Download PC Game for Mac

Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion Free Download PC Game for Mac. Download Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion Game Full version highly compressed via direct link available. Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion game has several interesting facts and information that you may not be well aware of. So, to know more about this alluring and engrossing video game we suggest you start playing the video game. But, before that know what the game is all about and other details of the game. Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion is a great video game. We highly recommend you play this video game. The game includes several great gameplay, animation, and well other things which might be great for people of all ages. Hence, all of you should play this video game. Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion Is a Full And Complete Game. Just Download, Run Setup, And Install.

Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion v1.290 Free Download PC Game for Mac
Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion v1.290 Free Download PC Game for Mac

Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion Games Description Overview:

Ollane Games released a new game called Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion and the version is 1.290. The game’s story is about who took a leave of absence from college. She was no longer interested in studying or working diligently, and she wants to meet and marry a rich man who will fill her vanity. At the recommendation of her friend, she joined a matchmaking company mainly used by rich men, and she met and dated several rich men. Whether she will succeed in meeting and marrying a really good rich man, or any other ending, is all up to you. ​

Developer: Ollane
File Size: 3.00 GB
Version: 1.290
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v1.290 (2023-06-10)

(Important Fixed) Fix video files not being freed from memory
This works especially well for Android and low-end computers.

(Important Fixed) Conditional errors related to the Friday neighborhood party
should now work properly after the neighborhood ending

Malnor Pickup Street related content

  • (Added) Pick-up Street and Naughty Tomie
  • A new location, Pick-up Street, has been added to Malnor city.
  • Contains an unlock story event.
  • Tomie is styled as a “Menhera girl” in Pick-up Street.
  • It is divided into
  • Youth Street, Foreigner Street, and PAPAKATSU Street, with separate access events and dedicated scenes for each location.

*Unlocking Conditions

  • 5 or more Vaginal H experiences
  • Corruption 70 or more
  • Additional Naughty Tomie content will also be merged with Pick-up Street-related content.
  • (Added) 12 Anim H-Scenes
  • Vaginal_PUS_OjisanA,OjisanB,OjisanC,YoungBoy,ForeignerA,ForeignerB,ForeignerC
  • Oral_EV_PUSTomieHana, Vaginal_EVSubway_KAYA
  • Vaginal_PUS_Jaison, Vaginal_PUS_Jaison2, Vaginal_PUS_Jaison3
  • *Pick-up Street Related Dedicated Scenes

(Added) story parts for Hana & Jaison

(Added) Jaison-related endings, and TIPS&HINTS for them

  • (Added) Hotel Malnor & Rest in Malnor
  • As the virtual date passes, time in the game does not pass.
  • But Tomie can act straight away from Malnor again.
  • Tomie can go to Hotel Malnor by paying directly, or by meeting a partner on the pick-up street.

(Added) Hideout bar to the Pickup street Unlocked after progressing through Hana’s storyline on Pickup street twice.

(Added & Changed) Big tits girl Related Event on Subway Changed

  • Big tits girl => Replaced with Kaya character
  • Anim H-Scene Added, CG Changed
  • Can only be called with Dejavu (AnotherGirl2)
  • Requested content

(Added) Subway mini-event, way to work

  • If Tomie visits the police on her way to work, she will be late.
  • Being late will decrease Tomie’s Samdai Score.
  • (Added) Contract with a beggar
  • When the beggars take Tomie to their abandoned factory, they will demand a contract from Tomie.
  • Tomie must visit the beggars in the factory at least once every two weeks to comfort them, and if he breaks his promise, the angry beggars will come to him.
  • (Added) CG supplement for Beggar gangbang
  • This is applied to the scene when the beggars visit through an event on the Return to home layer.

(Added) Option to toggle Eternal petal in the cheat menu2

  • (Added) Persuasion minigame – Simple O/X Game
  • If the “reject” persuasion with a success rate of 10% or higher fails, the persuasion minigame begins.
  • If the persuasion minigame is successful, the failed result is changed to success.
  • The O/X of the minigame changes approximately 0.25 to 0.35 seconds.
  • You can toggle this feature in the “Persuasion” section of the content options. (Default is ON)
  • (Added) “Gaze” Eyeball Toggle option
  • You can toggle the display of this in the “Common Event” section of the Content Options.
  • (If untoggled, it will be replaced with the Toast text message)

(Added) page numbers to Expansion Video Gallery

  • Visit Expansion – Wrap up
  • (Added) Events where “visit after visit” leads to night-time
  • If there are a lot of customers, Tomie might have to work overtime.
  • *Required – After the event “Sleeping Beauty” has progressed to stage 3
  • This event also leads to the Morning Variation Events

(Added) 4 Morning Variant Events after some night visit events
Tomie deserves a happy morning..
*50% chance after a Sleeping Beauty event.
*100% chance after the *Visit After Visit led to Night.

(Added) 2 unique events related to Strolling (Home Activity)
A suspicious man who appears to be homeless in an alley in a residential neighborhood.
If Tomie has a Darkness Fetish, you can invite him to her house.

This is another one of Tomie’s elderly neighbors.
If Tomie has an Elder fetish, you can accept his invitation.
*Include a dedicated H-scene – Vaginal_Rojin

(Added) Night-visit déjà vu
She can choose any one of the Night Visits events that meet the conditions for occurrence.
(the Sleeping pill condition is ignored by Dejavu)


  • 1 or more Sleeping pill
  • Pain>=66 OR Willpower<=50
  • (Added) Update dedicated galleries page 5
  • With some of the H-events added in Expansion.
  • There are still many events missing.
  • I have to add them manually, so I’ll keep updating to fill them in.
  • (Added) Debug function, “Escape” , “Day End”
  • *Features added at the same time as the public version
  • When the day is in progress, you can call Escape or Day End directly by clicking on the book.
  • However, this is likely to cause bugs, so it is recommended to use it only to escape the freeze state.
  • (Fixed) errors with convenience store pickups
  • (Fixed) A potential bug where the Homeless area could be locked indefinitely.
  • (Changed) Removed condition requiring the letter O in Boyfriend for Handsome Boyfriend endings
  • (Fixed) Kaido’s call the police option when henchman is reversed
  • (Fixed) typos in Hookup app
  • (Changed) Adjustment to eliminate repetition for Miyako’s ending in Samdai
  • (Changed) In Samdai, you can now directly select the event for Karl’s appearance
  • (Changed) Samdai now allows you to select With Naturo, Sungold, or Alone for lunchtime events
  • (Changed) Removed Spam from phone events
  • (Changed) Increase Pheromones by 1 when Gaze effect occurs
  • (Improved) Minor improvements to some functions to reduce latency
  • (Changed?) Strolling event can now call Karaoke event with two guys
  • The connection to the Karaoke event, which was previously based on probability alone.
  • However, if Tomie goes to the hotel with the two men, Tomie will sleep at the hotel until morning.
  • (Changed) Cultist events no longer require Karma.
  • And fixing miscellaneous things.

v1.190 (2023-02-11)

  • (Important Experimental) Save Anywhere
  • During most of the play, you can save the game midway through the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.
  • (However, these save files may be unstable.)
  • (If there is an error such as freezing due to this save file, please report it to me)
  • (Added) Senior care center – Employment Agency job
  • Tomie can work as a volunteer at a senior care center through an employment agency.
  • There is a dedicated ending, CG, and H-scene.
  • (Added) New ending, Jikuri the oldman
  • Tomie can marry Jikuri, an old man four times her age.
  • *It’s a normal ending, but it’s close to a happy ending.
  • (Added) Cheat menu2 – Story skip convenience cheat
  • Cheat menu2 has been added to the Phone item in the inventory.
  • Convenience cheats include Skip Karl Storyline, Contact Hikimori, and Instant Pregnancy, etc
  • *If there are any cheats you need to add please let me know
  • Added) Night Club Bar Additional CG & Anim CG
  • If Tomie accepts a man’s drink, she will sit on his lap for a while. (Anim Scene)
  • (Added) Town enter event variation
  • When Tomie ‘slowly’ passes in front of a group of men, one of them will often ‘jokingly’ try to film her below
  • Conditions to occur (both required)
  • -Tomie’s Reputation is less than 40
  • -Tomie must be wearing a skirt (Basic, Nightclub, Maid)
  • (Added) Take out event – Common
  • If Tomie is exhausted after the alley H-scene, a man will take him to his house. (33% chance)
  • Occurrence conditions (both required)
  • -Darkness fetish
  • – Tomie must have Karma
  • (Added) 2 new night visit events
  • – Stalker, and Kurai will also visit Tomie at night.
  • Conditions to occur (all three required)
  • Includes exclusive CG Scenes
  • – Occurs every Tuesday
  • – Tomie’s Door-lock is in Danger state
  • – After Tomie is harassed by a stalker or after Kurai ending

(Added) One Consensual sudden assault event

  • Added variation of events that occur on the Return to home layer
  • Includes dedicated CG Scene and Anim H-Scene
  • occurrence condition
  • – After concluding a contract for AV studio special shooting

(Added) New Harasser type, DirtyBegga

  • A dirty beggar makes insistent demands of Tomie.
  • Includes dedicated Anim scene
  • Triggering conditions (at least one required)
  • – After the Beggar of AV Filming event
  • – When Tomie’s reputation is less than -100
  • – The ghetto route of the slums

(Added) parlor manager event

  • => Tomie needs to tell the manager that the massage parlor wants customers for more tips
  • => A one-time event occurs on subsequent visits
  • Depending on Tomie’s choice, you can use a method to earn more tips at the massage parlor.
  • (Added) A new type of visitor to the massage shop – handsome Customer
  • The manager had a monopoly on handsome customers.
  • Tomie may ask her for a customer service share of handsome on the occasion of her manager event.
  • (Improved) Supplemental content from Lewd Tomie’s BBC House Tyrael event
  • Two types of resources used in TAL were ported to TWGM
  • Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_A_0, Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_N_0

(Added) First anal scene

  • – 2 types of exclusive Anim H-Scene added for Tomie’s first anal play
  • – Tomie’s first anal can be restored at the same time as Tomie’s Hymen is regenerated.
  • (Added) During the Vaginal Common Aggro scene, the “Angry Man” can now do some bad thing.
  • (Added) 14 Anim Scene & H-Scene
  • Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_A_0,Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_N_0 (From TAL)
  • Event_BarDrinkit,Event_DirtyBeggarApproach_Base,Event_ParlorManager
  • Oral_Handsome,Oral_SAEV,Vaginal_AfterMark_0,Vaginal_Handsome,Vaginal_SAEV
  • Anal_First_A_0,Anal_First_A_1,Vaginal_SlutChoke_0,Vaginal_SlutThrust_0

(Improved) Replace too old common anal H-scenes (Bulk, 26 Scenes)
(New 26 Anal Anim H-Scenes, remove old anim H-Scenes)

  • # Lewd Tomie parts supplement update
  • These are events that only occur when Tomie wears the Slut costume.
  • (Added) Lewd Request (5)
  • A naughty Tomie may demand harsh or humiliating behavior from a partner.
  • All requests are unlocked if you have the Darkness fetish.
  • – Tomie’s Pain must be less than 100
  • – Tomie’s Submission must be 50 or higher
  • Added blackmail photos related to lewd requests
  • (Added) The Gift – Requested Content
  • *Nipple piercing content warning*
  • When Lewd Tomie is exhausted after having sex in back alley, sometimes her partner will give her presents.
  • – After having sex with naughty Tomie in back alley, she exhausted.
  • (Exhaustion = Tomie’s Willpower is 0 or Pain is 100 or more after sex)
  • – Requires Darkness fetish
  • – Requires Karma
  • When the above conditions are met, the “Gift” option will be displayed in the exhaustion event.
  • (Fixed) Tight Anal related bug fix & Algorithm change
  • If Tomie hasn’t had anal sex for more than 5 days, her hole will become very narrow and she will suffer severe pain from the next anal sex.
  • (Changed) Nightvisit rate in content options – Lowered Very low to really very low (1/5 level compared to before)
  • (Fixed) When masturbating at house, the wrong scene appears instead
  • (Fixed) Trigger errors related to Massage parlor
  • (Fixed) An error where Hiroshi said he would give $500 but only gave $200
  • (Fixed) an error where “Clitless” status due to Karl event was treated as wound

Developer Notes:

There is still a lot of content to add to Tomie WGM, so I plan to add them all.

  • Tomie WGM Expansion will have “Expansion” as its motto.
  • I will update in the direction of adding new content so that existing users will not be bored.
  • And, i plan to utilize both WGM’s full client release, and MOD release for specific content by someone

Shortcut keys

  • L-Ctrl : Skip
  • A : Toggle Auto
  • L : Show backlog
  • Space bar, Enter : continue
  • Tab : Toggle UI (But use the right side of the button in Animated H-Scene)
  • ESC : Popup menu
  • ` : Toggle console UI (pro only)

How to Download Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion on PC Games?

To Download and Install Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion on a PC, You need some Instructions to follow here. You don’t need any Torrent ISO since it is the game installer. Below are some steps, Go through it to Install and play the game.

  • Click on the “Start Download” button.
  • For secure download select the given 4 out of 1 option
  • Then the next page will be open and you have to select the Download “Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion ” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
  • Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
  • Let it Download the Full Version game in your specified directory.
  • Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

Download Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion for PC Games

Game Name: Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion

Supported Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Languages: ENG, FR, PL, IT, DE, RU

Download Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion Full for PC Games

Click on the below button to start Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion Game Free Download. Enjoy playing the worthy game for free. It Is a Full And Complete Game. Also, share it with friends. Click the below-given download button to start the download.

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Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion v1.290 Free Download PC Game for Mac

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